Same Progressive Politicos, Different Packaging

A January 20 Orange County Register article reported on “a group of about 50 Muslim and Latino community organizers held a news conference outside Anaheim City Hall announcing a formal uniting of those groups to form The Muslim-Latino Collaborative”:

“The first step is to get to know one another,” said Shakeel Syed, executive director of Orange County Communities Organized for Responsible Development. “We will share food and share stories. The second phase is to get all Orange County communities involved in this united front against hate and discrimination.”

While Syed talked about “getting to know one another,” the reality is the members of the Muslim-Latino Collaborative already know each other very well. It is the same group of progressive political activists who have been at the vanguard of various progressive political projects in Anaheim and central Orange County: the radical hotel workers union UNITE-HERE and its symbiotic off-shoot Orange County Communities Organized for Responsible Development; Anaheim Councilman Jose F. Moreno, progressive activists Arturo Ferrera and Mirvette Judeh; etc.. It’s the same people and groups which litigated Anaheim into by-district council elections and successfully lobbied for their chosen district map. The same folks who support sanctuary city status for Santa Ana and Anaheim. living wage ordinances and “labor peace” agreements. It’s the same left-wing activists who spear-headed – along with Mayor Tom Tait – an outright ban on property owners operating Short-Term Rentals in Anaheim. The same people are now working to allow the homeless to camp in Anaheim’s neighborhood parks and have the city create homeless encampments on city-owned property. It’s these folks supporting Moreno’s “Mayoral Task Force” for a “Welcoming Anaheim” – the skeleton of sanctuary city status for Anaheim.

It’s a tried-and-true progressive political organizing tactic: round up the usual suspects under a different name, hold a press conference claiming to speak for “the community” and have that claim uncritically repeated by the media. And as this article demonstrates, it works.

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