Liberal Freak-Out, OC Edition: OCCORD Leader Calls Trump Supporters Bigots, Xenophobes and Haters

Orange County Communities Organized for Responsible Development (OCCORD) has joined the ongoing liberal/progressive freak-out over the election of Donald Trump.

Garden Grove-based OCCORD is the progressive political community organizing arm of the militant hotel workers union UNITE-HERE. It’s half-dozen staffers, utilizing a half-million dollar annual budget, are dedicated to turning Orange County from red to blue.

In an op-ed published in the Voice of OC, OCCORD Executive Director Shakeel Syed re-hashed tired progressive tropes, including this broad-brush sliming of Americans who voted for Trump:

The unpleasant possibility of an enduring Trumpism is now real. It is real because Trump has almost single-handedly revealed the deep-seated bigotry, xenophobia and hate harbored by millions of fellow Americans who were afraid to express their true selves publicly. Trumpism has not only emboldened them but has also engendered in them a militant love for hate, “a new normal.”

Only time will tell. But the fears of many are not unfounded. McCarthyism still breathes.  After all, both Trump and Joe McCarthy relied on the corrupting advice of the infamous lawyer Roy Cohn.  Trumpism has resuscitated the darkest evils of McCarthyism.  It’s up to the American people to consign both movements to the ashcan of history.

It has apparently escaped Mr. Syed that the Left’s condescending “basket of deplorables” approach to judging ordinary Americans is a big reason for Trump’s victory.  He doubles down on the political correctness and claims that by voting for Trump, “millions of Americans” have exposed their “deep-seated bigotry. xenophobia and hate.”

If Syed and other progressives fail to learn from this election and keep on with the same strident, intolerant identity politics, they might just help Republicans achieve a filibuster-proof majority in the U.S. Senate.

Several days before anathematizing millions of working-class Americans as racist haters, the progressive pressure group mourned the passing of an American traitor, leftist radical Tom Hayden, by linking to an article penned by a comrade:

The author of the article is another aged radical who accompanied Tom Hayden on his 1967 visit with the North Vietnamese communists with whom are country was a war, and who were torturing American POWs.

It says a lot about the ideology of this group that it celebrates the life of a man who gave aid and comfort to a country with whom his own nation was at war. Then again, this is the same OCCORD whose staffers were saddened by the death of Hugo Chavez, Venezuela’s socialist strong-man.

Keep in mind OCCORD has been the organizational tip of the spear of progressive efforts to elect leftists in central Orange County; in Anaheim, it has been working in tandem with Mayor Tom Tait to put left-wing Democrats Jose F. Moreno and Arturo Ferreras on the Anaheim City Council. Mercifully for Anaheim, the latter was defeated, and the former is losing.


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