Garden Grove: City Council Adopts “Harmony City” Status

At its regularly scheduled meeting on January 24, the Garden Grove City Council, on a 4-3 decision, adopted a “harmony city status” resolution with the following declarations:

  • “Garden Grove encourages speech and discussion that fosters peace, acceptance of others, and community harmony…”
  • “Garden Grove denounces any hateful rhetoric targeted against any person, group or community seeking to disrupt, divide, and physically threaten or menacingly discriminate against any of them…”
  • That the City Council fully supports the Police Department in NOT requiring officers to check, request, and/or verbally obtain proof of legal status in the execution of their duties, unless a suspect’s legal status is directly related to the incident leading to a law enforcement intervention.”

Voted in favor of the resolution: Mayor Steve Jones, Mayor Pro Tem Phat Bui, council members Thu-Ha Nguyen and Kim Bernice Nguyen.

Voted in opposition to the resolution: council members Kris Beard, John O’Neil, and Stephanie Klopfenstein.

You can click on this YouTube link to view the discussion between council members. This resolution was called up at 2:12:27 for those of you interested in just this item.

While not a “sanctuary city” resolution, it puts the city council on record as opposing any action by Garden Grove police to check the immigration status of individuals they apprehend in the pursuit of their duties.


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