Anaheim: Moreno Labels Murray Push for Transparency on Immigration Task Force “Dog Whistle Politics”

District 3 Councilman Jose F. Moreno tacitly played the race card during an exchange with Councilwoman Kris Murray over her request for full public transparency for the “Welcoming Anaheim” immigration task force – accusing her of playing “dog whistle politics” and claiming “people like you” intimidate Latinos.

The progressive Chicano Studies professor – who has made greater transparency a priority – expressed strong opposition to such transparency for his Welcoming Anaheim initiative. Many residents suspect this task force is a Trojan Horse for for making Anaheim a sanctuary city, given Moreno’s public support during his 2016 city council campaign and statements at his swearing-in.

The Welcoming Anaheim Task Force had it’s inaugural meeting this morning. Among its members are Julio Perez, the left-wing Democrat who runs the Orange County Labor Federation, and Greg Walgenbach, director of the Diocese of Orange Office of Life, Justice and Peace. Perez has marched in opposition to deportation of illegal immigrants and in favor of granting them expedited citizenship; Walgenbach was among the small group protesting against the County of Orange removing the huge homeless shanty town from the Santa Ana River trail.

In a comment on, OC Democratic Party Vice Chair Jeff LeTourneau (a staunch Moreno supporter) described the Welcoming Anaheim Task Force this way:

“To demand a Santa Ana style Resolution (7-0 Democrat Council) from the Anaheim (6-1 Republican) Council is to doom the measure to failure and preclude any of its benefits from being passed on to those who desperately need protection from the Trump administration. However, the current Moreno/Tait led Anaheim effort to provide the Sanctuary City protections through the use of the Mayor’s Advisory Council is a masterful effort to pass meaningful legislation that will benefit thousands.”

In other words, LeTourneau approvingly recognizes Welcoming Anaheim as sanctuary city status by other means. LeTourneau also resorted to the cliched progressive tactic of mau-mauing an opponent by flinging the “racist!!” charge:

Finally, Murray and Kring’s efforts to hijack the Advisory Council by alleging it as non-transparent is also nothing more than an effort to rev up their racist supports in and effort to defeat the much needed protections modeled after the SA resolution!!!

Welcoming Anaheim!


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