AD68: Sidhu Floods Voter Mailboxes

The Sidhu for Assembly campaign has been flooding voter mailboxes with a steady stream of direct mail since last week, as OC Daily has reported here and here.

Sidhu is an businessman who owns several fast-food franchises and was a member of the Anaheim City Council from 2006 to 2014. His campaign is being run by Sacramento-based Gilliard Blanning & Associates. AD68 is represented by Assemblyman Don Wagner, who is being forced out due to term limits; Wagner has endorsed Sidhu to succeed him.

Sidhu is positioning himself as a conservative, independent businessman who will shake-up the status quo:







…and be a tough law-enforcement legislator:








The Choi campaign has been highlighting his role in uncovering the abuse of cronyism that was going on with the Great Park under former Irvine Mayor Larry Agran. Sidhu’s campaign is attempting some political jiu-jitsu by portraying Choi’s status as a Great Park director (the Great Park Board includes the Irvine City Council) to implicate him in the abuses:







Taken together with an hit against another AD68  candidate, Deborah Pauly, the Sidhu campaign appears to be trying to shake Choi- and Pauly-leaning voters loose as vote-by-mail (VBM) ballots are landing, in hopes of scooping up those votes as their second choice. As OC Daily has noted elsewhere, it’s an open question whether voters will find this attack credible since the Choi campaign is telling them the exact opposite. The mailer’s claims stretch credibility to the breaking point, and voters familiar with the Great Park scandal aren’t likely to be persuaded. Veteran political observers note that voter confusion, combined with general voter distaste for incumbent politicians, could hurt Choi.


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