AD68: Choi Goes The Full Trump

Irvine Mayor Steven Choi has been sounding Trumpesque themes in his campaign for the 68th Assembly District, but a few days he took the plunge with a mailer fully embracing the presumptive GOP presidential nominee in this mail piece featuring him Photoshopped with Trump under the headline “Make California Great Again“:

















The mailer’s content is mix of Trump themes and standard conservative Republican stances, and Choi is clearly trying to surf the Trump wave with full-throated opposition to the stifling political correctness and anti-police attitudes of the Left that is fueling much of middle-class support for Trump.

Actually, both Choi and Sidhu have made explicit and prominent condemnation of PC culture prominent messages in their campaigns, although more so Choi. Sidhu has really hammered home the message “Harry Sidhu – Republican” over and over in his mail:








IEs for Both Sidhu and Choi
Both men have been the beneficiaries of independent expenditures in the last few days.  The California Assocation of Realtors paid for a mailer featuring endorsement quotes from councilmembers of AD68 cities and which communicates at-a-glance that Sidhu is a conservative Republican businessman who is tough on crime:










Sidhu has also been sending Anaheim-only mail, presumably to boost his vote share in his home base.

An IE committee called the Orange County Victory Fund paid for a two-mailers-in-one: two slightly different versions depending on whether the targeted household is Republican…









or Democrat:

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