Tolerance and Free Speech in Newport Beach

I caught a recent story in a competing publication (Wall Street Journal) reporting on a survey conducted of Yale University students testing their opinion on the value of free speech.

Yale is hardly a bastion of right-wing thought.  It’s one of America’s most prestigious and liberal institutions.

I was mildly surprised to learn that 72% of the students “opposed speech codes to regulate speech for students and faculty” while 16% favored the idea.

Juxtapose this on the intolerant few that want to recall Newport Beach City Councilman Scott Peotter.

Peotter is an outspoken fiscal and social conservative that has riled up those opposed to his views.

They’re willing to waste $500,000 of YOUR TAXPAYER money on a special recall election when Peotter is already on the ballot next year.

I firmly believe that in these times of political correctness that Peotter has the right to express his views – that’s free speech.

Even the intellectual elite and Yale seem to agree.

[This article originally appeared in the Voice of OC on May 10, 2017]


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