San Clemente: Councilman Brown Clowns While Community Pool Languishes

The San Clemente City Council continues building a reputation for being simultaneously unserious and unhinged. While San Clemente families are denied access to their community pool, City Councilman Brown uses city resources for his prop comedy routine at Council meetings.

Councilman Timm Brown recently wasted city staff time and resources on a lame prop comedy routine during city council seeking to exploit a viral video and apprehension about shark sightings and beach closures.

And despite numerous beach closures, residents have only limited access to the alternative water recreation in the city’s community pool, newly renovated at a cost of $4.3 million in taxpayer dollars:

San Clemente’s newly-renovated public pool, standing unused on a Saturday afternoon in August.

Drafting Off A Viral Video
How would a thoughtful member of a city council address the concerns of many families who wanted to access their community pool while the beach was closed for weeks due to shark sightings?  If you are Councilman Tim Brown, you perform a comedy routine with a doll mounted to a city trophy stand, and use an elaborate slideshow to clown about how your doll kept sharks from attacking the public.

That’s so funny. Now why isn’t the community pool open more?”

Councilman Brown directed the city staff to compile records on the number of beach closings and advisories due to sharks, for his elaborate nine-page PowerPoint presentation, complete with photos, graphics and charts. Brown’s observation comedy was a piggyback ‘joke’ on two LA comedians who hoaxed during public comments five months ago, asking for a statue of the late action Paul Walker to be placed on the pier. The video went viral.

Over the summer, parents were limited to using the community pool for two hours a day.  Starting on September 5th the new, and more restrictive hours, will limit the city’s public pool for families, to just three days a week for a maximum of six hours.   The other few hours the pool is open, it is roped off for ‘lap’ swimming and aerobics.

When the pool restoration (millions over budget) was finally completed last fall, many families complained about the lack of access.  Days before the 2016 election Councilman Chris Hamm did his best “Lance Armstrongish” response; lying while smearing people who pointed out the truth. On October 27, 2016, he said on Facebook.

“Contrary to what others are posting in Facebook, the beautifully remodeled Ole Hanson Beach Club (where I learned to swim) will be open to the public 7 days a week.”

Chris Hamm’s boastful and untrue comments about the public being able to enjoy the pool were made days before the last year’s elections.

Councilman Tim Brown’s puppet show is a bizarre response to San Clemente parents’ desire to have a safe place for their children to swim.

“Many San Clemente parents did not go into the ocean with their children for days and even weeks at a time because of the shark infestation off their shores.  If you were lucky enough to have your own pool or homeowners’ association pool, you could still enjoy the opportunity of swimming with your kids for an afternoon.  Many, many families – particularly families near the Ole Hanson pool – do not have those options,” stated longtime resident Jim Bieber

San Clemente paid millions for a public pool that often isn’t available to the public for the most reasonable anticipated use: families with children.

Perhaps Brown’s seeming detachment from that reality stems from the fact that he and a majority of the city council live in one small section of the city, a fact Bieber and other residents spotlighted during their successful drive to qualify a districting initiative for the ballot. Brown and all but one member of the city council opposed this initiative. When Jim Bieber made a presentation at San Clemente’s council meeting expressing concern over the concentration of four of the five councilmembers within a few blocks of each other in southwest San Clemente, Councilman Brown became livid, demanding Bieber state his home address.  He did, pointing out he lives just down the block from Brown.

Brown’s replied that he had never met Bieber, despite their proximity. Brown stated “that is one of the privileges of living in that neighborhood is that I’ve never actually met you.  Most of my peers happen to be in other parts of San Clemente.”   Click here for video of Brown’s rant.

It’s more than a little strange and a lot rude that a city councilmember would say that never meeting a nearby constituent is a “privilege.”

“I do not know who Councilman Brown’s ‘peers’ are or in what part of town they live in.  I would suspect his “peers” did not have to clamor to find a pool for their children to swim this summer during our numerous beach closures.  If Tim Brown wants to be a standup comic there are several bars in town that provide open mic nights.   He can try out his material there rather than use city staff and council time with his lame overly elaborate jokes trying to piggy back on two LA comedians.  It never ceases to amaze me how some elected officials think it’s a coincidence that once they have a title or position, that’s when people in government finally recognize how funny they are.  It’s one thing to muster the courage to tell the Emperor he has no clothes, it’s almost as difficult for government staff to tell their boss that they aren’t funny, just ridiculous, “  added Jim Bieber.


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