Newport Beach: Campaign to Recall Councilman Peotter Under Fire for Deceptive Tactics

The campaign to qualify a recall election against Councilman Scott Peotter is employing deception and false allegations in order to convince voters to sign the recall petition.

OC Daily reported last week on a paid recall petition circulator falsely claiming Peotter wants to allowing development on the actual beach.

These two ladies were manning a recall table in front of the Balboa Island post office on Friday:

Recall Peotter campaign workers.

According to the Newport Beach resident who took the photo, they painted Peotter as a carpetbagger who had only lived in Newport Beach for six months prior to his election to the City Council in 2014. In fact, Peotter moved to Newport Beach since 2003, and served on the city Planning Commission from 2006 to 2010. His children graduated from Corona Del Mar High School.

They further claimed Peotter “illegally” used the city seal for religious, prompting the person respond that every city council meeting begins with a prayer offered by a local pastor or rabbi. They also falsely claimed Peotter doesn’t really live in Newport Beach, but instead rents a room.

Another Newport Beach resident passed along this account of a recall petition circulator knocking on his door:

“I just had a kid come to my front door on Lido, asking if I would sign the recall petition.  I, of course, said I would not.  I told him that I had good communications with you about city issues in the past, when Councilman Curry and others would not even respond.  He said he was 18 years old.   He said Scott Peotter has sexual assault charges against him, and his policies will worsen the parking problem we have on Lido.  I told him I questioned that.  He then said they are accusations, not charges of sexual assault.   I quizzed him as to why he was going door to door, and he said he was interested in the issues.  And besides he said, “me and my buddies are getting $2 for each signature we get.”  I wonder who is paying the boys?”

Carpetbagger. Law-breaker. Sex offender. Out-of-control developer. All false. All being alleged by recall Peotter campaign circulators.   It’s not uncommon for petition circulators to stretch the truth – or manufacture it altogether –  in order to convince voters to sign their petition. Nonetheless, it is direct reflection on the character and desperation of recall sponsors, and the worthiness of their cause.


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