Lake Forest: Attempted Recall Of Andrew Hamilton Is Abuse Of Democracy

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There they go again.

Apparently, people can become addicted to more than drugs, alcohol and gambling. Recall addiction seems to have taken hold among a faction of Lake Forest gadflies, who have launched yet another recall against Lake Forest Councilman Andrew Hamilton.

Recall proponent Larissa Fellick Clark.

Recall proponent Larissa Fellick Clark.

Hamilton was served with notice of intent to circulate a recall petition at the March 7 city council meeting. The recall petition itself was filed on March 9.  The proponent is Larissa Fellick Paid circulators began collecting signatures on March 31, presumably being paid from former Councilman Adam Nick’s seemingly bottomless well of money to fund these gratuitous abuses of the democratic process.

The recall addicts have until July 29, 2017 to collect and submit 8,834 valid signatures from Lake Forest voters – which is about 1,000 more than the number they needed to hit with their failed 2016 recall attempt against Councilman Hamilton.

You read that right: these same gadflies failed to qualify a recall against Hamilton – and his council colleagues Scott Voigts and Dwight Robinson – just last year.

The recall is a serious tool intended  for urgent situations when an elected official’s behavior is so egregious and damaging that the public interest is harmed by waiting until the next regular election for voter to hold that person accountable. Recall proponents concocted a list of pretended offenses. They are of suspect veracity, and none are remotely good reasons for seeking a recall – especially when Hamilton is up for re-election next year.

Maybe these recall addicts should check themselves into recall rehab.

In the meantime, Lake Forest voters – regardless of their opinion of Hamilton – should oppose this abuse of the democratic process and refuse the sign the recall petition. Except in grave situations, political differences should be hashed out during regularly scheduled elections among candidates vying with each other for the allegiance of voters. Andrew Hamilton has governed soberly, conservatively and in a principled way.  Compulsively attempting recall elections just because a vocal faction has the time and money to do it is a lousy reason.

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