Jon Fleischman Denounces Proposal By Supervisor Nelson To Increase Term Limits

Conservative leader and publisher Jon Fleischman aimed a broadside yesterday at Supervisor Shawn Nelson over the latter’s proposal to increase supervisorial term limits from two to three terms:


By putting a deceptive ballot measure in front of voters, Supervisor Shawn Nelson, who will be forced from office due to term limits in two years, is hoping to be able to stay in office another 14 years!

With four days notice, mostly over a weekend, termed-out Orange County Supervisor Shawn Nelson has decided try and pull two of his colleagues into a last-minute power play to considerably extend his time (and their time) in office by putting a measure on the November ballot ostensibly to “reform” Supervisorial term limits – but let’s be very clear – the reason for this power-play is that the measure is written in such a way that every current Supervisor would have their “term limits clock” reset to zero, and could each serve three more four-year terms after completing the one they are in now.

So for Nelson, instead of retiring back to the private sector in 2018, he would be eligible to run again – and in fact two more times after that.  He would have to serve twenty years in office before term limits would force him out of office.

This measure would mean that Todd Spitzer, set to “term out” in 2020, could serve until 2028 – as would be the case with Andrew Do.  Lisa Bartlett and Michelle Steel would not be forced to retire until 2030!

While the voters of Orange County have voted over and over again for term limits, not wanting to have career politicians in local office, Nelson’s cynical ploy – if he can grab two co-conspirators – would create an entire board of career politicians, taking in their big paychecks and building up massive pensions, while avoiding a return to private life.

You can read the rest of Mr. Fleischman’s column here, and a back-and-forth discussion between him and Supervisor Nelson here.


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