Is The ACLU Allergic To The Word “Criminal”?

The ACLU of Southern California has taken time away from its busy schedule protecting the growth of homeless encampments in Orange County to issue a report excoriating Sheriff Sandra Hutchens and the Orange County Sheriffs Department,essentially accusing them of running the OC-equivalent of Papillon.

The report is 108 pages long. And even though it is entirely devoted to the subject of the treatment of the inhabitants of Orange County jails, not once does the ACLU report refer to criminals. The leftist advocacy group talks about “incarcerated individuals” and “people in jail” as if they just woke up one morning and found themselves in a cell wearing and orange jumpsuit. Think about that: it would take a deliberate effort to write a 100-plus page report about the condition of criminals in county jail without ever using the word criminals – almost as if the reports authors understood that doing so might cost them public sympathy.

It’s like writing a 100-page report about oncology clinics without saying “cancer patient.”  That may strike some as a small point but it speaks volumes about the mindset and worldview of the ACLU, and how radically it departs from the traditional views on criminal justice and law-and-order held by the vast majority of their fellow citizens who weren’t radicalized in college and law school.


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