Anaheim Elementary School District Wishy-Washiness On Politically Correct Truancy

A progressive political project called “A Day Without Immigrants” took place last Thursday, in which workers and students were encouraged to ditch work and school as an expression of solidarity and opposition to the oppression under which they imaging suffering.

One of those affected was the Anaheim Elementary School District (currently suing parents who are trying to convert their neighborhood school to charter status). According to the OC Weekly, the district sent out this robocall to parents in anticipation of the school boycott:

“This is an important message from the Anaheim Elementary School District. Reports are surfacing about a potential national strike by immigrants this week. Immigrants are being encouraged to stay home from work and school on Thursday in protest of national policies. This is a reminder that school will be open tomorrow. We strive to provide your child with the highest quality education and ensure he or she attends school every day to help them be successful.”

Was this robo-call a warning or an invitation? It’s hard to tell. When a group of parents tries to form a charter school, the district pulls out the stops to squash them. But when radical activists organize mass truancy?: “FYI, schools open if you feel like sending your kids.”

The better course would have been a message telling parents that truancy isn’t tolerated and their children need to come to school. Skipping school is disruptive and interrupts learning. Public schools ought to inculcate respect for the law and civil order – or are school districts simply one more public institution incapable of resisting political correctness and identity politics?


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