3 Months Later, Stored Homeless “Property” Goes Into Trash, Unclaimed

May 24 marked the end of the 90-day period in which the County of Orange agreed to store “property” left behind when the primary Santa Ana River homeless encampment moved across the river to Angel Stadium. Three months earlier, the County had hired crews to gather, bag and tag the piles of debris and detritus that the homeless didn’t want, and paid for a security guard to watch the mountain of black trash bags.

Under the terms to the ACLU-litigated settlement, the County had to store all this property within walking distance of the presumed owners just up river, to make it easy for them to claim their property.

Not a single item was ever claimed.

Last week, the County deployed a power shovel and a dump truck to start throwing it all away.

This Monday, they returned to finish the job as the taxpayer-funded security guard looked on – bringing to a close this particularly farcical episode gifted to us by ACLU radicals and “advocates” who could care less how their zealotry negatively impacts and endangers homeowners, renter, businesses, taxpayers and the average citizen.


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