OC Daily is a news and commentary site providing ongoing coverage of politics, policy and government in Orange County. We offer ground-level, inside coverage of campaigns, local government and the personalities and interests at the center of political and policy decision-making in Orange County. We inform readers about the political philosophies and track records of candidates and elected officials, keep them abreast of significant developments in local government, and shine a spotlight on the political interests and entities involved in shaping the political direction of Orange County. Our mission is anchored in the understanding that limited government, free enterprise and property rights are necessary for fostering opportunity and earned success.


Matthew Cunningham, Editor
Orange County-native Matthew Cunningham is a veteran of more than 25 years in politics, media and government at the local and state level. In June 2004 he launched the first persistent blog devoted to Orange County politics and government, OC Blog, which mushroomed into the county’s most influential political site; it altered the local media landscape and created what we know as the OC blogosphere. Blog was later acquired by RedCounty.com as the foundation of their national network of regional blogs. In 2012, he launched AnaheimBlog.net, which focuses on civic affairs in Orange County’s largest city.

Cunningham has served as a key communications and policy adviser to state and local elected officials and candidates with several California legislators, and his writing has been published in wide range of national, state and local media outlets.

He has a degree in International Affairs from The George Washington University, is a Lincoln Fellow of the Claremont Institute for the Study of Statesmanship and Political Philosophy, and a member of the Orange County Public Affairs Association Board of Directors.

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